CloudFlare Free SSL Not Working on GoDaddy WordPress Website

Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on GoDaddy
Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on GoDaddy

Cloudflare free flexible SSL not working on GoDaddy WordPress Website? This was the case with me a couple of days back when I tried to use Cloudflare’s free SSL for one of my websites. I tried the procedures explained in many of the websites and went on fixing the issues that I encounter after enabling HTTPS, but this was a never ending process as I kept on getting errors and finally I ended up with a redirect that I was unable to login to wp-admin. I just used to see a “site coming soon” screen even when I access wp-admin page. Then I thought of taking help from few of the bloggers from Bloggers group. I thought that some one might have already faced this issue, but none helped me with a fix for my error. A few tried to explain me but those are all basic steps that I have already followed. Then I decided to contact GoDaddy support, believe me, support from GoDaddy is just awesome, I got my answer to why Cloudflare Free SSL is not working on GoDaddy WordPress website.

GoDaddy won’t support Cloudflare’s Free SSL

This single statement saved my time, and after a long discussion, the support person named, Sai Teja suggested me to use LetsEncrypt free SSL that has a good compatibility with GoDaddy hosting. I provided the support person with CRT, CSR and Private Key files and that’s all. He checked all the DNS settings, he helped me to fix wp-admin login issue and installed LetsEncrypt Free SSL for my website. I segregated all the steps and prepared this below procedure. Here are the steps that you need to follow to enable LetsEncrypt Free SSL for your website.

Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on GoDaddy

Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on GoDaddy

Note: LetsEncrypt Free SSL certificate expires in 90 days, later you need to follow the same steps to renew the certificate.

How to install Free SSL Certificate from LetsEncrypt on GoDaddy+Wordpress

LetsEncrypt is a free open certificate authority that provides Free SSL certificate to you. On GoDaddy hosting cpanel, you won’t see an icon Let’s Encrypt under Security, which you will see on many other hosting sites. You need to follow below steps to get CRT, CSR and Private Keys.

  • Visit Zerossl website from where you will get LetsEncrypt free SSL certificate.
  • Click on Certificates and Tools link, you will see Free SSL Certificate Wizard. Click on Start button.
Certificates and Tools

Certificates and Tools

  • In the next screen, Email is an optional. Enter both www and non www versions of your domain name.


  • Check both Accept ZeroSSL TOS and Accept Let’s Encrypt SA check boxes and click on Next button.
Free SSL Certificate Wizard

Free SSL Certificate Wizard

  • This will generate CSR for your domain,then again click on Next, this will generate Account Key. Download both the files and keep them safe.
CSR + Private Key

CSR + Private Key

  • Click on Next button, now you will see verification screen. Here you need to verify your domain ownership. Follow below steps for verification.
    • Login to cpanel and go to website’s root directory.
    • Create a directory named .well-known and then create another directory inside it named acme-challenge. (webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/) Here webroot is the main directory of your website.

      Verify your domain

      Verify your domain

    • Download both the verification files and copy them to webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/ directory in your website’s cpanel.
    • Once the above step is done, click on Next button. This will verify your domain and generates CRT and private key files for your domain name.
    • Download both the files and keep them safe.
  • Now, go to cpanel and go to SSL/TLS under Security. Click on Manage SSL sites link under Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)
  • Scroll down until you see Install an SSL website.
  • Here Select Domain name that you want to install SSL certificate to.
  • Copy and paste Certificate from the downloaded domain-crt.txt file and then paste Private Key from domain-key.txt file.
  • Once you have copied, click on Install Certificate button.
  • This will installs LetsEncrypt SSL certificate for your site. Now you can access your website using https://
  • Until now, the certificate installation steps are done. There are a few settings that you still need to change to tell wordpress to use https for your website.
  • Go to WordPress and go to Settings -> General, here change both WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to
  • And to always use https, you need to install a plugin called Really Simple SSL which is a free plugin.
  • Just install the plugin and tap on Enable SSL from its Settings.

That’s it. Now you can login to wp-admin using and access your website using

And, also make sure that you add https in Google search console and Analytics. I hope that this guide has helped you to install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on your website. If you have any errors/issues, please comment below so that I will help you on this.

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