CyberFlix TV Not Working 2019 – No Data/No Links Available


CyberFlix TV Not Working on your Android device? It’s okay, I have got some tricks to make it working back again. If I am not wrong, you must be seeing one of these issues with CyberFlix TV App, one could be CyberFlix TV No Data error and the other one is CyberFlix TV No Links Available. Of course there are few of the other issues like the buffering issues, crashing issues, CyberFlix TV not Showing movies etc. All these errors can be fixed just by following the tricks that I am going to share here.



CyberFlix TV Not Working on Android Box/Firestick/BlueStacks

It doesn’t matter if you are using CyberFlix TV Apk on Windows PC or BlueStacks or Android Box or Firestick, as the source app is the same for all devices you can follow this tutorial without any hesitation.

On Firestick, you might not receive the auto update notifications, so you need to remove the old version of the app and reinstall the latest version every time.

CyberFlix TV Not Working No Data Error

For those who are seeing the error “No Data” on their CyberFlix TV App when selecting movies or TV shows, they need to turn on “auto-update” option in CyberFlix TV App settings. For now, I suggest you to remove the old version of the app and install the latest version of CyberFlix TV Apk. Once the latest version of the app is installed, go to CyberFlix TV App Settings -> Turn on Auto update option.

CyberFlix TV No Links Available Error

CyberFlix TV has no control over the Links, it just shows up in its app what it scrapes from its repositories like IMDB, TMDB etc. Think of all the information you can access in this app; from genres, movie or TV episode synopsis, search filters, etc. CyberFlix assembles this data and presents it for you to choose what you wish to watch.

Once the play button is clicked, the app scrapes for links and presents them in varying qualities and sizes. Once you click on the link, the app sends it to the media player you have chosen.

The app has absolutely no ability to upload the data for any show, that would be illegal.The only thing that I can suggest you for this that just check back later, may be after a couple of days – you might be checking for the movie that has just been out, may be its too early to access the links.

CyberFlix TV Not Opening/Not Showing movies/Stopped working/Buffering Issues

For all these issues, I suggest you to make sure that you check all these things mentioned below:

  • CyberFlix works on Android 5 or above, so make sure that your Android platform is version 5 or later.
  • Remove all the old CyberFlix TV and CyberPlay Apks from your device
  • If you are living outside of USA, try to use VPN service to bypass the local constraints.
  • Force stop app, clear cache and data, uninstall the app, reboot your device and then download and install latest version.
  • Do a full power cycle. This means force closing the app, clearing cache, turning your device completely off, unplug the power cord. Turn off and unplugging any of the following devices- modem, router, extenders, auxiliary access points for at least 5 minutes. While waiting check all your connections are secure. (Unplugging your modem/router should be done routinely).

If you see any other issues with CyberFlix TV App, please comment the error details below.

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  1. I updated Cyberflix that’s on Firestick. Since then, I get ‘no sypnosis’ errors and nothing will play. I have MX video player installed. I also have VLC for Fire installed and Surfshark. What happened?

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