CyberFlix TV Not Working, No Links/No Data [Fixed]

CyberFlix TV not working? then you should go through this article to know how to fix CyberFlix TV errors on Android/Windows PC/Firestick/Smart TV.

CyberFlix TV is a kind of movie streaming app which provides streams of your favorite movies and TV shows of multiple languages on your Android, Windows PC, Firestick or on Smart TV. Provided that your device has good internet connection, CyberFlix TV works flawlessly without any errors/issues.

CyberFlix TV not working

CyberFlix TV Not working

If in case that you are seeing any errors on CyberFlix TV App on Android, here I will provide you with the best fixes for CyberFlix TV errors along with best possible explanations for these errors.

CyberFlix TV Not working on Android, Windows PC, Smart TV, Firestick

Below are few of the most common errors that you will see while you are using CyberFlix TV App.

Video Keeps Buffering – Switch to faster video servers such as Google video, AmazonDrive, AWS-FastServer, FB-FastServer, CDN-FastServer, VidCloud, Drobox – FastSever etc. And by the way don’t think that buffering is your Video Player’s problem.

If you still see that your videos buffer, clear the cache of the app from it’s settings and try again to play the video.

No Data/No Links available – This might be because of geo-block or may be the source video might have been removed. I suggest you to use any one of the best VPN service while using CyberFlix TV App. Check how to fix issues with Morpheus TV App.

Sorry… This link can’t be resolved – You will see this error, when you try to play any unknown/not working links. To Fix this error or just to avoid these errors, you need to enable “Resolve all links immediately” option under settings so that all the links will be resolved when you chose to play any video, and all the unresolved links will be removed from the results that you see.

Sorry… No stream link is available now – This is same as the above error, it means that there are no streams available for that video that you are playing now. Check why ShowBox Watch Now button is not working.

CyberFlix TV App keeps Freezing/Crashing – You can fix this issue by changing a value under settings. Change the value of “Sources list refresh time interval” option to 14 or 15 sec from the default 10. Just increase this option to higher value to fix this issue.

Seeing a different error? comment below and we will check it out.

4 Comments on "CyberFlix TV Not Working, No Links/No Data [Fixed]"

  1. Why are movie posters shown if there are no links for it?

  2. the value of “Sources list refresh time interval” option to 14 or 15 sec from the default 10. Just increase this option to DOES NOT WORK AS IN THE VALUE IS NOT CHANGEABLE

  3. It’s down again showing no data for movies

  4. Good morning all. I have repeatedly downloaded and deleated the cyberflix app in an attempt to get it to work. I recently bought a smart tv and hoped to enjoy watching movies and series as I do on my smartphone.
    Unfortunately the cyberflix app does not even launch. It just loads the cyberflix logo then returns to the app list screen. Other apps have not had any issues in running. However CYBERFLIX is in my opinion the best streaming app in the world. I feel distraught that I am unable to enjoy this wonderful application. Please assist me if possible. The tv model is called Skyview. It is very common in the third world especially in Africa. I reside in Nairobi Kenya and our wireless networks are world standard. I fear that the model is incompatible with the app but that would apply to other apps as well. Wouldn’t it?
    Please help me.

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