Morpheus TV Not Working – Fix Morpheus TV Errors/Issues

Morpheus TV Not Working
Morpheus TV Not Working

Morpheus TV not working? Don’t worry, here we will look into the common Morpheus TV errors and tricks to fix those errors. Morpheus TV has been one of the best sources to watch online movies and TV Shows online from your Android Phone, PC and firestick for free of cost. Competing with its all time alternative ShowBox, Morpheus TV has been the first choice for many Android and Smart TV users to watch their favorite movies. As ShowBox is not accessible from some places due to geo blocking, Morpheus TV will help you to get entertained. But you can fix ShowBox Geo blocking with simple tricks, please check here.

Morpheus TV Not Working

Morpheus TV Not Working

With its engaging movie content and TV Shows along with the latest trailers and movie news, Morpheus TV has reached to the home screens of many movie lovers. Many would like to install Morpheus TV app on Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, Roku etc. to watch their favorite movies. But, on the flip side there are some users who are facing issues with Morpheus TV. Here I will try to address those issues with some fine fixes and tricks. Let’s see how to fix Morpheus TV not working issues.

Morpheus TV No Data/Links not available error

There is really no need to worry about this issue as this may occur because of three reasons:

  • There might not be streaming sources available for that particular video that are trying to play.
  • Morpheus TV is not able to fetch right sources to play that video.
  • This might be because of geo block.

There is nothing that we can do with the first problem as the source video is not available. But, to fix the second and the third issues, you can use a VPN service. Believe me, this will fix many of your connection related issues. Few of the best VPN services that I can suggest you are: Express VPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, IPVanish. If you thought of buying a premium VPN service, then buy RoketVPN.

If this didn’t fix your issue, then make sure that you are using the correct DNS on your Phone. Please use private network DNS servers and if you are using a VPN. This will prevent DNS leak. To change DNS entries, follow below steps;

  • Go to Settings and tap on WiFi option.
  • Long press on connected network and tap on Manage Network Settings option
  • Then tap on Show Advanced option.
  • In IP settings, select static IP type, so that your IP won’t change.
  • Now add, and DNS server entries. Then tap on Save option.

Morpheus TV Buffering issue

If you are seeing that Morpheus TV app on your device keep on buffering if you play a movie, then you need to make sure that your connection speed is good enough.

Having checked that, if you are still seeing the issue, then you need to clear the Cache and Data of Morpheus TV and restart the app.

Morpheus TV Network Error

To fix Morpheus TV Network error issue, you need to make sure that your internet connection speed is good enough to stream movies. If your internet connection is good enough, check below things;

Make sure that torrents are not blocked on Router. To check this, login to your Router console, under Network settings you can find something related to URL blocking/IP blocking. Check here if torrents are blocked.

As Morpheus TV app is fetching its content from multiple sources, all the sources must be reachable to your network, in that case I strongly suggest you to use a VPN service.

Morpheus TV Not Finding Sources

If you see Morpheus TV not finding sources issue then you need to change few changes in Morpheus TV Settings.
You need to enable Verify Sources option to make sure they are not dead links. Enabling this option will make the scraping process slower.

  • Change Verify timeout to 10 seconds.
  • Under Providers option, enable all the stream providers to get movies from those sources.
  • If you want movies from torrents as well then you can enable that under Torrents option. Most of the times, you will get movies from Torrents

I will find out few more Morpheus TV not working errors and I will update this guide on regular basis. If you are facing any issues or getting any errors, comment us below.

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  1. Most of times when i click on a movie page like i search for (Loveyatri) than it will search movie title but when you click on that picture it searching and show this error message (could not find any source for this content)

  2. There are a couple of things shows that I have noticed that will not play and I have watched that show before. And all it says is “could not find sources for this content” and I tried what was put on the website.

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