ShowBox WATCH NOW Not Working – Fix ShowBox Geo Blocking

ShowBox Watch now not working
ShowBox Watch now not working

ShowBox WATCH NOW not working? ShowBox WATCH NOW button greyed out? No worries, this can be fixed very easily using a simple trick. Here we will look in detail about ShowBox Watch Now button not working issue, what would be the reasons for this and how to fix it. In general, you can try out different servers among the available list of servers SERVER A, SERVER B etc. for the best speed results and best resolution. But, there has been a concern from ShowBox users all over the globe that they are unable to stream videos over SERVER A or SERVER B but they are able to download movies from torrents. I just tried to understand the reasons for this issue. Then I got to know about ShowBox geo blocking issue and it appears to be true. A major number of ShowBox users living out of US or UK, including Canada are affected by geo blocking of ShowBox servers. Here we will see how we can fix this issue with a simple trick.

ShowBox Watch now not working

ShowBox Watch now not working

In general, if you see that there is no option to stream videos either from SERVER A or SERVER B but there is only option to download movies from torrents, this simply means that SERVER A and SERVER B are geo-blocked. And, this will happen mostly to users outside US and UK. To resolve this issue, you need to install a VPN service on your mobile device. Here I will suggest you a few VPN services which works best with ShowBox.

ShowBox Watch Option Now Not Working – Fix ShowBox geo blocking

To Fix ShowBox Geo blocking problem, you should install a VPN service on your Android Phone. Here are a few best VPN services that works with ShowBox:

Others will also work but I consider these as best VPN for ShowBox. I would like to explain a few things here on how VPN make things possible.

Fix ShowBox Geo Blocking with VPN service

VPN is abbreviated as Virtual Private Network – which means that it creates private network virtually over the internet. Any VPN service has its own servers at different locations which may have access to geo-blocked services, in our case it is ShowBox. Installing a VPN service creates a network tunnel to ShowBox servers via VPN servers. Let’s install VPN on your Phone and fix ShowBox watch now not working issue.

  • Download and Install a best VPN service from the list I have give above to your Android Phone.
  • Run VPN service and connect to US or UK server. I strongly suggest, connect to US server.
  • Go to Settings > Installed Apps > ShowBox > Storage > Clear Data & Cache to remove all the cached and old data of ShowBox.
  • Restart ShowBox app and now you should be able to see SERVER A and SERVER B when you click on WATCH NOW.
  • Please note that you have to use VPN service all the times whenever you are using ShowBox.

Sometimes, if you open ShowBox app by without turning on the VPN service, you need to again close the ShowBox app, clear cache & data, turn on VPN service and then open ShowBox App. Please be aware that all your downloaded movies will be lost if you clear cache and data.

I hope that this guide has helped you to fix ShowBox Watch Now problem. If you are still facing errors, please comment below so that I would be able to help you.

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  1. Hi I’m having problems no link problems on cyberflix I cant watch anything as it says no stream is available. I’ve updated the app to the latest release.

    Any ideas please?

  2. I have show box on my amazon fire stick.. how do I resolve the watch now being greyed out on this?

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