ZeroSSL – Free SSL Certificate for GoDaddy Hosted WordPress Websites

ZeroSSL provides free SSL certificate for your website, here I would like to let you know how to set up Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for GoDaddy Hosted WordPress Websites. As Google Chrome already started showing “Not Secure” for websites which are not using SSL certificate, it is the time for your old website which are still running with HTTP protocol to add SSL certificate so that your website content will be accessed with HTTPS secure connection.

Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on GoDaddy

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL on GoDaddy

What is SSL?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer, which is a technology for establishing a secure and encrypted connection between your web server and a browser. SSL will make sure that all the data that is transferred from a web server to browser remain private and integral.

Once after you add SSL certificate to your website, you can access your website using https secure protocol i.e. all the connections to your website from the internet will be secure. Even if you are not collecting any of the personal info of the user, it is now suggested to use SSL certificate for your website as Google is considering this as a ranking factor now.

Here I have posted a detailed guide on how to generate Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate and how to add it to a WordPress website running on GoDaddy.

Many people will first try to add Cloud-flare’s free SSL certificate, it won’t support websites running on GoDaddy. So, I recommend using ZeroSSL for GoDaddy websites. If you have any quires on the procedure, please comment below.

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